Visual Arts
ZDB stimulates the artistic research and creation by providing means of production and visibility to national and international artists. All ZDB’s exhibitions are accompanied by actions of the Educational Department such as cinema cycles, debates, guided tours and workshops.

Negócio – Performative Arts
ZDB develops and hosts more than 30 artistic residencies and/or plays per year. Focusing on co-productions and on-site creation, our team assists all the creation process, supporting design, production, communication, presentation and promoting its circulation. In addition to supporting independent creators, ZDB has been welcoming and developing synergies with a significant number of associated structures.

ZDBmüzique – Music
ZDBmüzique seeks to give space to creative manifestations in music and it aims to promote transgressive and exploratory music acts, with different techniques and languages: improvised music, electroacoustic, jazz, modern pop, rock and noise. ZDBmüzique also promotes the creation (with artistic residencies) and circulation of music through partnerships with other institutions such as: Casa da Música, Serralves, Teatro Maria Matos, Teatro Aveirense, Centro Cultural Vila Flor, Gnration, Teatro Municipal da Guarda amongst others.

Department of Education
ZDB’s department of education was born in 2005. It aims to stimulate the reflection on the field of artistic production in a constructive and participative way. The department of education conducts regular guided tours to exhibitions, settled by appointment; it also carries out programs in the scope of public education and provides access to a specific program of performing arts.

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