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10 000 Russos

Superinertia album release

An indispensable trio from Porto, their history is already intense. A life of almost a decade operating in the most hypnotic side of rock, always with a consistent and pertinent discography. The old minimalist maxim that “more is less” definitely seems to fit them, but not to limit them. It is in that deliberately controlled restraint that they find a glow that never goes out.

Superinertia is the fifth album from 10,000 Russians that has just been released by London’s Fuzz Records. Robustly invested in the above, making for a very vivid evocation of German krautock and some North American stoner. The rise of their music predisposes us to take off for other places. A feeling that is certainly not innocent; this record is after all described as a cry to the state of inertia that human beings experience in Western society. Alienation, hysteria, and so many other definitions all too familiar to everyone. Perhaps even political in its outlook, it indirectly throws the question into our hands. In a band that seeks constant nerve, the inclusion of synthesizers on this record only helped maximize the whole essence – and shed other lights. More stellar and less telluric, this effect appears not in the logic of annulment, but rather of complement – and why not, of expansion? This same expansion of their music is real, and these 10,000 Russians have the strength and heart of an armada.
In this first hand presentation of Superinertia, there is the opportunity to feel the bass of the speakers and see the walls sweat while the sonic shamanism takes over the room. NA


Pedro Roque has the detail of a photographer, possessing already an extensive work not only in the area of image, but also in the area of punk roots music – and everything that can embark on this sphere. CAVERNANCIA is the project now materialized with “in cyan”. A cassette edition by Nariz Entupido that brings that fireball vision at cruising speed. Frankly, brave work that dives into three chapters around noise, field recordings and harsh landscapes. Volcanic by nature, it brings a multiplicity of listening and possible interpretations to those who listen to it. A purified hearing that finds refuges, bridges, and tracks to the raw material with which he creates this album. Also because of this, Roque has here a craftsman’s work, knowing how to give form and disposition without forgetting the human delivery that makes everything happen. A descent to the center of the earth, as one day imagined by Jules Verne, translated into crackling sound. Greatest music. NA

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