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Electronic music outside Western boundaries continues to find prodigious and challenging ways to present itself. Known for her umbilical relationship with the most interesting things happening in the great capital of Shanghai, 33EMYBW is simply an artist out of orbit. Between folk composition, digital production and visual expression, she brings an active material of futuristic rhythmic stimuli. Her fascination with the sci-fi sphere led her to draw inspiration from alien creatures on the much celebrated album Arthropods. With it, new frequencies of a mythology wrapped in an exotic speculation of disconcerting elements and a powerful magnetic field that has become the language of the producer.

Holes of Sinian is the next sound installation in the studio. With the infallible stamp of SBKT, these twelve new beasts bring together the whole sonic-telluric spirit in intersection with the chaos of the city. There are mesmerizing percussions, mysterious bass lines or melodies torn from a liquid reality; there is a shamanism as ancient as it is oracular, which evokes and offers planes and frames beyond the screen. The voices also play a catalyzing role here – often choppy and incisive. Wild, but in a way just as sacred, this fourth album by 33EMYBW takes on a life of its own when you listen to it. The matrix of elements seems to gravitate according to some unknown law of physics, thirsty for dynamics and depth.

On her visit to ZDB, Holes of Sinian will be the focus of the anticipated celebration. It’s sure to be a concert that will remain on a panel of memories, also spent here in the past, and home to wonderful misfits like Gabber Modus Operandi, Nguzunguzu, Venus X and many others. NA


Marianne began their path in music at the age of 5 and grew up learning classical piano. The interest in composing in other musical styles arrives in the classical structure that limited Marianne’s sonic search within academic standards. Traveling between France, Germany and Portugal, in sound research, they found the need to connect with their family’s place of origin and decided to settle in Lisbon since 2018. A statement very present in Marianne’s essence, is the questioning of the academic structures they were taught younger how to disengage from these theoretical notions creating, at the same time, their unlimited sound universe. Marianne enters the field of alternative/indie/trap music. Wanting to question imposed academic theories, they continued their studies in musical arts and thus began their journey in composition, creation and production of music. Marianne has had several shows since they started and with only two songs on digital platforms they performed at Festival Iminente in September 2022. In 2023 they performed internationally in Switzerland and Brazil. They unite music with fashion and that’s why they have already performed for Cartier and Fashion Weeks. Marianne wants to address issues of their day-to-day life with society as a queer person. They are a multidisciplinary artist who express themselves in different areas, besides music and performing arts, they also already did works as art director and model.

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