5 Gate Temple w/ COLDWAR (Nkisi & John T. Gast) ⟡ DJ Maboku

Galeria Zé dos Bois

5 Gate Temple
Cold War
DJ Maboku

COLDWAR (Nkisi & John T. Gast)

It is with great enthusiasm that we welcome COLDWAR, a project of creative union between Nkisi and John T. Gast, two forces outside this world. Rethinking the universe of clubbing, subverting the roles and making the dance floor a profane altar of political, cultural and social exorcism; the intentions stand out from the work of a current generation of musicians and producers. John T. Gaast and Nkisi are part of this kind of ongoing community, delivering a transgressive sound that is susceptible to various interpretations and transformations.

The kaleidoscope they both create is intense and assumes itself as a bigger gateway to a secure trance. COLDWAR question what many would consider unquestionable and dig through the earth to find fire. A fire felt and witnessed every time they step on the stage and throw us to the stars, with no guaranteed return.

DJ Maboku

DJ Maboku shared until recently with DJ Lilocox the duo C.D.M., who spontaneously developed, immersed in the youth culture of the social neighbourhoods where they lived and moved, an innovative and vibrant electronic dance music, eventually seducing and attracting a huge legion of enthusiasts in the suburbs of the capital. He was part of the Piquenos DJs do Ghetto (with Lilocox, Liofox, Dadifox, Firmeza), modeled by the example of the pioneering DJs of the Ghetto (Marfox, Nervoso, Pausas, Jesse, Fofuxo, Nk), with whom he edited the split EP in debut vinyl ‘B.N.M. / P.D.D.G.’ in Príncipe in late 2013. This was followed in February 2015 by the EP ‘Malucos de Raiz’ by C.D.M. in Príncipe, an important milestone in the history of the publishing house and the musical culture that has nourished this new generation of producers.

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