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800 Gondomar

800 Gondomar

The 800 GONDOMAR will return for a series of three concerts in November, with dates in Lisbon, Porto and Évora. After an assumed five-year hiatus, which left us longing for their unpredictable, sweaty and frenetic live performances, the power-trio is once again taking the urban space by storm to turn our heads to the stories of their borough (or should we say suburb?). A punk attitude in place and the right dose of garage-rock electricity are the signature sound of a collective that writes about what they live. As they do on the unreleased AX GTI, an ode to that space inhabited by particular social imagery, where shared symbols of belonging/recognition/ascension (take your pick) move at different speeds. After a brief reheating tour that took in Greece and Macedonia, they are performing in Portugal on these exclusive dates.


The solo incarnation of João Dória, guitarist of bands such as Os Passos em Volta and Putas Bêbadas, facaKILL is the mysterious pop-gutural singer whose lyrics pour romanticism and decadence to the sound of a black metal ukelele. An apparition from the confines of Soundcloud that has since been brought to light, facaKILL conjures up unknown and uncataloged demons.

Lizatron (DJ)

Lizatron is half of Invisible Sounds DJ/promoters/record label (with Idle Rich) – formed in London 2012 and now based in Lisbon. She has DJ-d around Europe including at superclub Lux in Lisbon and at the cult Salon des Amateurs in Dusseldorf – a long-term relationship with Salon has been strengthened by bringing Tolouse LowTrax, and Lucas and Marijana Croon to Portugal.

Lizatron regularly plays clubs in Lisbon and Porto, solo and as part of Invisible Sounds. She’s also involved in more eclectic and esoteric events where her selections turn diggers green with envy, music for the heads as well as the feet. On top of her busy club DJ-ing timetable, she organises and promotes gigs and other events and is equally skilled as a warm-up DJ for bands (frequently for Saul from Fat White Family). Lizatron has always been a keen supporter of female DJs and acts and so she is particularly proud of organising several successful events for International Women’s Day in both London and Lisbon. Similarly she was happy to be one of the three organisers of the 2022 Isodea Festival in Barreiro, Portugal which focused on female and trans artists (she also performed).
You can listen to the bi-monthly Invisible Sounds show on Tbilisi’s Mutant Radio for Lizatron’s weird and exciting latest selections. Also check out ‘Misekake’ from Jaguar No Me, an awesome psychedelic first release on the Invisible Sounds label.

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