Performing Arts

A Educação da Desordem — projeto em mutação

— Clara Andermatt e Mickaella Dantas


The premiere of the play A Educação da Desordem — projeto em mutação, marks the first collaboration of NEGÓCIO with Clara Andermatt. Aimed at welcoming and accompanying creative processes in the field of performing arts, NEGÓCIO privileges research and experimentation as essential activities for contemporary creation. In this sense, it is particularly enriching to present a project in which Clara Andermatt reinvents herself and carries out a deep reflection on the body and its limits, on new languages and on the social repercussions that her research gives rise to.

A research project exploring the areas of Dance, Performance and Photography, based on a partnership between the choreographer Clara Andermatt and the dancer Mickaella Dantas, with the collaboration of the writer Patricia Portela and the photographer Yves Callewaert.

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