Afro-Baile w/ Set Mishap ⟡ CelesteMariposa

Galeria Zé dos Bois

AfroBaile is the cultural celebration of the PALOP, the most visible part of CelesteMariposa, intending to gather all its musical heritage and put it in the center of all attention, as it deserves! It is the result of intense research, since 2009, which allowed not only to accumulate study material (records, cassettes, CDs, books and friends) but also to gain a deeper knowledge of the history and structure of the hundreds of musical styles of the PALOP, their dances, customs, dialects and concerns!

Conjunto Contratempo

A Cape Verdean dance band, founded in 1980 in the Lisbon area, the Conjunto Contratempo was the great driving force behind FunaCola, a musical style that merges Funaná with Coladeira and would later be consecrated by the Finaçon de Zeca di nha Reinalda. The discography of the Contratempo is unavoidable: Terezinha (1982), Tchico Tchicote (1986) and Menina Fiteira (1990). From the original formation, Zé Lino is the lead voice and viola rhythm, Pascoal on bass, Manelinho on keys and Zé Rui aka Zé di Pitéu on solo guitar. But now you can count on Vitor Semedo’s drumming debut in the Mistiçu ensemble.

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