Performing Arts

Alla Prima

— Tiago Cadete

27.01 — 30.01.16
NEGÓCIO Rua de O’Século 9, porta 5, Lisboa

Wednesday to Saturday, 27 to 30 January at 9:30 pm

© José Carlos Duarte

What Tiago Cadete proposes with “Alla prima” comes from an anxiety about the silence and immobility of the images. The human body, this kind of fundamental unit of image production in the West, is both the focus of his research as an image collector and the instrument through which the interpreter’s own body will be placed before the public. His view concerns the construction and invention of Brazil – what would be the movements and voices of the large number of images that in more than five centuries were able to create certain ideas about what would be Brazil, Brazilians and Brazilianness?

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