Ana Lua Caiano

Galeria Zé dos Bois

The inclusion of traditional elements in popular music is nothing new, but the way they have entered electronic music in recent years is refreshing. There are various responsibilities and people responsible, it’s not an exclusive local phenomenon, but it has been interesting to see how it has spread and developed, from Rosalía to Marina Herlop, here with Bandua or Ana Lua Caiano. The latter delivered last year “Cheguei Tarde a Ontem”, an EP-phenomenon with six songs, a little under twenty minutes, of an excellent hybrid between what is thought as traditional and electronic models and languages. In parallel, the voice and the melodies that it creates undulate these two universes with a remarkable class. It would make you want to hear more and if there is a defect in this group of six songs – if you can call it that – it is this, that they create the desire to hear more, more.

The good news is that you didn’t have to wait long. Months after “I Came Late to Yesterday”, Ana Lua Caiano has a new body of songs to perform and play live. “Se eu Dançar é só Depois” is a new EP, new step, to trace the path of 2023 and show how the musician/composer continues to evolve the sound within these molds. With an already great curriculum in sound work – soundtracks, installations -, Ana Lua Caiano, 24 years old, continues to challenge herself to create pop that merges the traditional and the modern, with a vast resource of loops, beat-machines, synthesizers, keys, drums and the use of the voice and melodies assembled to the rhythm of demand: either calm or in the rush of everyday life. That desire, or need, of not being late for yesterday. AS

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