Animal Collective

— ‘Sung Tongs’ in Capitólio


With the subjectivity inherent in the nature of these discussions and evaluations, fortunately the facts are about to highlight the really important matter. Animal Collective may not yet be a convergent creative force, but when looking at what they did and left, eighteen years after the first album, the musical and imagery influence is real today. From Dirty Projectors to tUnE-yArDs, through Grizzly Bear and so many other artists, there is a countless number of minds and hearts touched by the fantasy that Avey Tare and Panda Bear brought to the world at that very moment.

“Sung Tongs” is a magical potion in pop alchemy that Animal Collective has dedicated to a stray version, full of emotion. This presentation in Lisbon replicates what happened last year during Pitchfork’s 21st anniversary. Around here, it portrays an unrepeatable opportunity to hear again – or hear for the first time – “Sung Tongs” entirely on stage. Because of its moulds and symbolism, it’s not risky to say that this is one of the most essential musical events of recent years. A distant dream come true after all.

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