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Anna St. Louis

Anna St. Louis

The bucolic elegance, illuminated by the full moon, is one of the many postcards that Anna St. Louis brings together on her debut album If Only There Was a River. The quality of the arrangements in his songs reveals a keen sense of detail. From keyboards to percussion, nothing overshadows the intelligent combination of guitar and voice. It does give relief and space for this larger combo to stand out and thus lodge comfortably in our heads. To improve the picture, join the background voices or the other strings and we have in front of us a small orchestra that could very well enter a “Paris, Texas”.


Marinho is another name to keep in mind in 2019 – she has been dedicated to composing a velvety and dreamlike folk. With a record coming out later this year, recorded at Black Sheep Studios, one can expect a set of melodically inspired songs and a lyricism emotionally able to move those who listen to it. It will surprise many and for the best reasons.

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