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— Rádio Quântica

On September 3 and 4 will take place the second edition of ANO 0, a community festival organized by Rádio Quântica that celebrates the best of the new national avant-garde proposals by emerging artists and marginalized communities. The first edition took place in 2019, affirming itself as a triumph of DIY culture, with excellent feedback from the community and national and international opinion makers. In 2021, the festival returns, expanded and strengthened, with music, fashion, performance, workshops, activism and conversations – all in a mix of in-person and online, depending on the restrictions in place at the time.
ANO 0 is an event that brings together the artistic projects, publishers, and collectives – mobilized primarily by people who are LGBTQI+, non-white, or from other marginalized identities – that are helping to write the future of local culture and respond to the gentrification processes that exclude these entities and identities from mainstream cultural programming.

Galeria Zé dos Bois in Lisbon and ADAO in Barreiro, two iconic independent spaces in their respective cities, will again host the festival in two days of cultural and geographical dialogue between center and periphery. In addition, the entire festival will also be streamed online on the festival website at www.ano-0.pt.


3PM – 6PM
⟡ Talk House T
⟡ CRU (performance)
⟡ Luan Okun (performance)

⟡ King Kami
⟡ Nigiri Ice
⟡ Saint Caboclo
⟡ Alesa Herero
⟡ Evaya
⟡ Puta da Silva
⟡ 7777 の天使

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