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— Quântica Radio

Galeria Zé dos Bois

Year 0 is a community festival celebrating the new avant-gardes of electronic, dance or experimental music, and its ramifications — also with performance, workshops and conversations about DIY culture that dominates the expressions and practices of this culture. It started with the idea of ​​joining several queer groups who are helping to write the future of the local underground, with the main platform Rádio Quântica by making a connection between Lisbon and Barreiro on a weekend in September with shows happening in both cities. This feast is a prelude to Year 0, where we can experience a part of what will happen in September, with live performances from Via App (NYC), Aurora Pinho (Maternidade), Violet (Naive/mina), Photonz (mina), DJ sets of Blastah and Kerox (Xita) b2b VIEGAS (mina) and a conversation with George Silver about his DIY practice.

⟡ Aurora Pinho (live)
⟡ Blastah
⟡ Photonz 505 (live)
⟡ VIA APP (live)
⟡ Viegas b2b Kerox
⟡ Violet (live)
⟡ Sound Sculptures by George Silver

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