April Marmara ⟡ Violeta Azevedo

Galeria Zé dos Bois

April Mamara
Violeta Azevedo

April Marmara

More night than day, more moon than sun, April Marmara manages with this record to deliver a safe and revealing identity. In a set of ten songs, the artist manages to capture the best of herself. She communicates an unusual melodic essence, knowing how to avoid commonplace or predictable resolutions. It seems to be a brave debut album. First of all because of the sensitivity it transmits, the ghosts it calls and the security with which everything is united.

For this concert, she meets with friends and performs as a band. All this will happen in the already famous Sunday matinées that have made the Aquarium and the terrace of ZDB a sunny setting to finish the weekend in absolute plenitude.

Bia Diniz voice, guitar Teresa Castro guitar, harmonium, voice Catarina Marques viola

Violeta Azevedo

Discreetly it has been a fortunate present presence on the local scene. We see it next to Sallim, but also alone, only accompanied by a transversal flute and a wonderful section of prdal effects. Her work is in constant evolution, among environments created with undeniable devotion. Moreover, she has been responsible for the opening of concerts by Nocturnal Emissions, Nadah El Shazly or Renick Bell, invariably leaving her wanting more. A rising force these days.

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