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— a work of Projecto Teatral


The work of Projecto Teatral usually involves an economy of means that neither leaves anything to chance, nor includes anything that is not strictly necessary. Much more than an aesthetic imperative, this criterion is only the most visible face of a set of options totally committed to disperse the superfluous and to concentrate the spectator’s attention. The visitor’s attention is always drawn to the state of intensification, which often results in experiences of immanent cutting, as if they were the fruit of a secular liturgy.

Arca (2017) does not deviate from this path. And it is appropriate that this be so: the fact that this is the last presentation of Negócio ZDB to take place at Rua d’O Século finds a particular echo in the contingent and primary structure that makes up the body of this piece. Inside of this “Arca”, an exemplary action projecting itself in the form of a shadow over the memory of a theatre that will cease to be there.

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