Astrid Sonne

ZDB 8 Marvila — Praça David Leandro da Silva 2, 1950-131 Lisboa

Astrid Sonne ©Conrad Pack

Astrid Sonne

In a short space of time, the Danish artist’s work has revealed a way of being that is as intrinsic as it is essential. She applies the compositional technique of her conservatory days with the curiosity to create and find new worlds. Between the possibilities of electronics and the laptop, he brings a lexicon of arrangements and structures that result in unusual dynamics – whose sonic spectrum seems endless. Covered in lava and velvet, Sonne’s universe transmutes from disc to disc, giving it identity while amplifying its restlessness and wonder. In between, every noise, every silence, every melody finds light and form. Outside of your lifetime is perhaps the greatest example of this delicate sound architecture. An album that allows itself to be revealed with each listen and then comfortably entrenches itself in our daily lives without us realising. The organic nature with which she makes it all happen simply makes her a first-rate name when it comes to these rare sound postcards.

Great Doubt is the next step. It will appear at the start of 2024 and once again adds fantasy to the constantly (re)inventing logic of their career. The voice is emphasised here in more ways than one, and is the foundation of these new pieces. Much closer to the song format, the lightness of other times is now materialised in a body that is less ethereal and more earthy. The diversity of instruments used stands out from this resolution, as does the narrative aura that hangs over an auspicious disc, a “before and after” in an already engaging discography.

She returns to this house on the back of a new European tour where Great Doubt will be a natural highlight. In addition to the new compositions, the string trio format will be a novelty in this solemn return of a rising star. NA

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