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B Fachada

One of the biggest names of the Portuguese song, shoulder to shoulder with the greatest song writers of now and all times, B Fachada has such a respectful legacy that everything that might appear in the future would instantly become a blessing for everything that was left behind in the melodies and words which grew to be a part of the Portuguese chansonnier. The several self-titled albums, but also “B Fachada É Pra Meninos” or “Criôlo” are the heritage of a very particular path of focused work, not tempted by momentary tendencies, and profoundly aware of its past – Zeca, José Mário Branco or Sérgio Godinho – but without any unnecessary bows.

Silent since his last release in 2015, B Fachada chooses to reappear now, in a period where his live performances have been relatively rare. He is someone who dedicates his art the amount of time and attention it asks for, with no hastiness or external interference. With some luck, who knows if he will reveal some of what he has been doing, more or less secretly, for these past 5 years.

Julinho da Concertina

A true master of the concertina and a very special and respected figure in the world of funaná (traditional musical genre from Cape-Verde, vibrant with energy and dance), he was born on the island of Santiago and has been living in Lisbon since 1971. Julinho da Concertina would be a sort of myth if his presence were not so lively and his songs were not so pure. He has been playing his instrument for more than 50 years and spent a lot of that time enjoying the popularity and fame conquered among the communities from Portuguese-speaking African countries. Julinho brings with him all his life experience, he writes his music using the force of all his sorrows and joys.

In 2018 he released, with Celeste/Mariposa, the essential “Diabo Tocador”, and offered his music and his life’s work to the world, well within the tradition of concertina players, always full of stories to tell, in a pure act of liberation, a party, even when he is singing about how harsh and cruel some lives are.

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