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Beautify Junkyards

The Lisbon band is treading its ancestral path sedimented in a collective spirit that over the past few years has borne fruit. And it did it again: through extensive improvised rehearsals, they achieved a new edition, now under the seal of the British Ghost Box. The third album, “The Invisible World of Beautify Junkyards”, shows a collection of enigmatic, turbulent environments, however, without neglecting the cosmic folk that has long been reflected in the group’s sound impression. The successor of “The Beast Shouted Love” has been in rotation on national and international radio stations, namely BBC2 and KEXP.

“The Invisible World of Beautify Junkyards” will be presented of ZDB’s warm night.

synths and voice João Branco Kyron voice Rita Vian synths and viola João Pedro Moreira bass Sergue drums and percussion António Watts

Candy Diaz b2b María P. Dj set

The Latin flush in Candy Diaz’s music is always present but also contains pop-ups pertinent to the African continent. Congas, palmas, fervent gospel choirs and scratchy guitars are a bit of the geneology of her sets. The tones of Psicadelia, Folk and kraut are also the motto for SBSR’s radio program, “Floresta Encantada”, of which she is co-author. A lazy but hyperactive Digger Candy Diaz, aka Ana Farinha, refuses to accept requests, thus suggesting that each soul be the protagonist of its own soundtrack.

Years ago, when María P. came to Lisbon, she brought with her her her vinyl records and a passionate career as a DJ on the radio and in clubs. Focused on Jazz, she was a collaborator and journalist until the birth of her own radio show “Rootdown”, which saw the light of day in Barcelona and lasted for two years. This experience provided the possibility of opening musical horizons, with the African-American music of the seventies being the axis of this radio adventure. Already in Lisbon other sounds invaded his sets. His latest project is “Electric Rainbow”, a collective focused on the electrification of folklore.

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