Black Bombaim & João Pais Filipe

Galeria Zé dos Bois

This record was born out of an invitation from Curtas of Vila do Conde to Black Bombaim and João Pais Filipe to provide the soundtrack of “Dragonflies with Birds and Snake”, a film by Wolfgang Lehmann. Recorded live by José Arantes at João Pais Filipe’s workshop in Campanhã, Porto on July 2019 and
Mastered by Chris Hardman.

Black Bombaim

Black Bombaim are a stoner/psychedelic rock group from Barcelos, Portugal, featuring Ricardo on electric guitar, Tojó (Vitor Rodrigues) on electric bass, and Senra (Paulo Gonçalves) on drums.

João Pais Filipe

João Pais Filipe is a drummer/percussionist and sound sculptor from Oporto. His journey as it is wielded by the breadth of a wide range of styles and languages, in bands like Sektor 304, HHY & The Macumbas, Unzen Piloto and Fail Better !, Contained Stone, Chao Radial Opera, Two White Monsters Around One He also participated in some projects alongside Steve Hubback, Fritz Hauser, Evan Parker, Marcello Magliocchi, Stefano Giust, George Haslam, Carlos “Zíngaro” and Rafael. Toral João Pais Filipe develops, complementary to his way as a musician, a work of gongs, cymbals and other percussive metal instruments, through which explorations are constructed as enhancing elements as their thick and imaginative intensity.

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