Klein ⟡ Van Ayres

— BoCA Bienal

Galeria Zé dos Bois

Concerts co-presented in partnership with BoCA Bienal


As one who drops his undergraduate degree at Goldsmiths to let the knowledge amassed in those years of college serve something without great conjectures, Klein inhabits a sphere in constant highbrow vs. lowbrow challenge that escapes the greyness of the medium while assimilating information from all sides. Resident in England, this young lady of Nigerian origin soon showed in her debut with ‘Only’ a certain voracity, capable of gathering teachings from the gospel from scratch or from Brandy’s ‘Full Moon’ with the same reverence, to disperse them in a music of corners and constant false starts continuously fluid. Underground processing and home electronics pulsing with life in small abstract narrative arc themes there on the edge of the song.

Van Ayres

Encouraged by a hunger for life that pervades everything around him, the music of Rafael, still very young, reflects that same soul and physical state in constant ebullition in an intuitive creative condition in which all parties let themselves be led to exaltation, honesty and delirium in its purest form. In ‘Sorry Stars’ edited at the end of last year, we recognise an exultant and dreamy electronics that maps the now through coordinates that owe so much to the more playful IDM, the glow 90′ trance with resonance in people like Rustie or Lorenzo Senni, the game soundtracks or the hyper consumerist reality of James Ferraro post ‘Far Side Virtual’ with a celebrated delivery and sincerity.

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