Bola de Cristal w/ FUMU ⟡ Fantasia Radical

Galeria Zé dos Bois

Fantasia Radical


Part of the Return to Zero crew alongside Turinn and Sockethead, FUMU is an active figure at the epicentre of the most exciting movements in Manchester’s burgeoning electronica scene and, as a result, the increasingly impactful YOUTH. Well connected to the electronic labyrinths of the Mancunian label, responsible for the releases of people like Hoshina Anniversary, Dave Saved, Silvia Kastel or the above mentioned Sockethead, FUMU walks through the interstices of several genealogies, intersecting the hip-hop inspired rhythms of Autechre circa Amber with the swing of dancehall, the technicolour emotion with the weight of basement techno without getting lost in derivative reveries. After the coordinates drawn with Sinuate or Almost, Never, Nearly Where?, FUMU arrived this year to a new level of revelation with Enter The Anima, record where dreamy and/or dystopian keyboards, rough rhythms, broken flows, processed voices and textures as imaginary as misty are involved in a continuous volatile movement with a panoramic view over urban landscapes, other futures, other dances. BS

Fantasia Radical

Two of the minds that lead Príncipe and who have also accumulated extensive experience, knowledge and energy behind the plates, here in collusion of vision and driving force for dance. Fantasia is the name used by Nelson Gomes of Filho Único and Gala Drop for his stays in the booth and the production of cosmic meshes informed by disco and house. Radical is the most recent alias of Márcio Matos, dj and visual artist who has been designing a total language – both in his line and his choices for the dance floor – as his own as it is essential to the state of things. BS

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