Bola De Cristal

— w/ Hieroglyphic Being (live) ⟡ Black ⟡ Snake Radikal


Hieroglyphic Being
Black & Snake Radikal

Hieroglyphic Being

“An American Sound Artist & Experimental Composer having recorded for a variety of labels (including Sony Europe – Axis/6277- Ghostly – NINJA TUNE – RVNG Intl – Soul Jazz Records) – Mathematics Recordings -Voted URB Magazines Top 100 of 2004 in a Group act & Top 100 as a solo artist, Jamal Moss has long been a part of the Chicago house/techno scene as both a Promoter/Producer & DJ. Moss’s first creative endeavors were as part of a crew that created industrial soundscapes / Art Noise for the Liquid Love parties at the famed Powerplant in Chicago from 1989-90. When the Powerplant was closed, Moss and his cohorts started Liquid Sex, which became a magnet for many well-known house artists such as Steve Poindexter, who put Moss in touch with future collaborators the Chicago Bad Boys collective.” —Resident Advisor

Black ⟡ Snake Radikal

Two of the minds that lead to Principe Discos and also accumulate extensive experience, knowledge and energy behind the records. Snake Radikal is Márcio Matos, a visual artist and DJ who has been designing a new language. Black is the name used by Nelson Gomes from Filho Único and Gala Drop.

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