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Fantasia Radical

Masters in the art of the unusual and the chaotic, Patrick Cain and MC NappyNappa have emanated some of the most alinine vibes in music today. The nearly thirty releases they have on their Bandcamp page lets you predict the intense activity with which the Washington duo guides themselves. An extensive work in the form of a portal for explorations around rap, noise, jazz – and other sub-denominations yet to be invented. They seem to have taken the seeds left by pioneers like Rammellzee or Death Comet Crew, but watered with the same water as Excepter, Shabazz Palaces or Wolf Eyes.

In this scenario, cryptic voices pierce a mantle of beats at different speeds and dimensions; this while drawn-out melodies and saturated rhythms take on a life of their own. This magnetic field that is created is then, and above all, a state of mind.

The latest A Saturn Companion brought aboard this ship Japanese vocalist Phew and Michael R Bernstein of the Religious Knifes and Double Leopards. A beautiful edition on magnetic tape that coincides with the start of the band’s European tour that now passes through here. Not to be missed. NA

Fantasia Radical

Two of the minds that lead Príncipe and who have also accumulated extensive experience, knowledge and energy behind the plates, here in collusion of vision and driving force for dance. Fantasia is the name used by Nelson Gomes of Filho Único and Gala Drop for his stays in the booth and the production of cosmic meshes informed by disco and house. Radical is the most recent alias of Márcio Matos, dj and visual artist who has been designing a total language – both in his line and his choices for the dance floor – as his own as it is essential to the state of things. BS

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