Bola de Cristal

— w/ Gabber Modus Operandi ⟡ Borboleta Andorinha ⟡ DJ Fantasia

Galeria Zé dos Bois

Gabber Modus Operandi was accidentally founded by Kasimyn and Ican Harem following their fad staging at an underground punk concert in Denpasar. After some DJ- and MC-ing, Kasimyn began producing tracks for the duo using the smallest musical instrument: the Mini Synth Teenage Engineering OP-1, while Ican Harem provides vocals and joke-filled improvisation. Their experimentation began with a healthy obsession for the energy and intensity of jathilan, gabber, dangdut koplo, Chicago footwork, grindcore and noise music. Manipulating traditional song samples, borrowing from the rooted pentatonic scale – especially Balinese gamelan, and adding some finishing touches with their own sound design, Gabber Modus Operandi attempt to provide another bridge over the unique gap between humor and the darkness of contemporary music and tradition in Indonesia. They straddle the line between the sacred and the banal with exuberant digital sarcasm.

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