Borshch Nacht #1 w/ Puce Mary ⟡ Ivy’s Hands

Galeria Zé dos Bois

Puce Mary

Puce Mary is an experimental and noise musician and a long-time associate of Copenhagen’s Posh Isolation and Berlin’s PAN records. The Danish artist is one of the brightest figures of the new era of industrial, noise, and experimental music whose roots date back to the 70s and 80s and find a new context in the contemporary electronic scene. Her latest record, The Drought (2018) is a complex and emotional work shaped in a new body, form, and sound every time she performs it live on stage.

“The Drought presents both danger and opportunity; through rebuilding a creative practice centred on first person narrative and a deliberate collage of field recordings and sound sources Puce Mary injects an acute urgency across the album seeking resilience. Rather than escape, The Drought dramatises a metamorphosis in which vulnerability is confronted through regeneration. Noise and aggression no longer act as an affront to react against but part of a ‘corporeal architecture’ where space, harmony and lyricism surface from the harsh tropes of industrial music.”

Puce Mary’s reflective personality and passionate devotion to rare electronics were well reflected in her Borshch mix and documented in a photo story by the magazine in 2019. On March 20th, Puce Mary will reinvent her latest work during the first Borshch Nacht at Galeria Zé dos Bois in Lisbon.

Ivy's Hands

Ivy’s Hands will open the night with his live performance of Leonor (2019), the first album released on Borshch. The Portuguese musician Ricardo Bruce dedicated his latest album to the one who is no longer with us: Leonor. The album is based on a deeply personal and tragic story. It’s a requiem for a lost soul that steers from the despondency of death that took place on one ill-fated Berlin evening.

Ivy’s Hands is an artictic alias and the other side of Ricardo Bruce who uses his musical endeavours to balance his corporate job as a property developer. Since the evoke of the project in Berlin in 2017, Ivy’s Hands shows the true nature of himself, using syncopated drums mixed with empyreal and villainy melodies with an aftertaste of nostalgia. In this side of his nature, emotion is abundant.

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