— with Manara, Stasya, Herlander, Lilmara, Deadflyingthings e Fabz

Galeria Zé dos Bois

BRAVE is a night at ZDB that showcases artists who aren’t afraid of borders, because they already live there. We want to share banging sound and music practice with an audience willing to leave status and assumption at the door. We want you to hurt the day after. In an age of fear, it’s time to get brave.

Programmed by Syma Tariq in collaboration with ZDB.


The queen of blends is back! With her mind-melting mix of global club cuts, house, grime and Bollywood samples, Manara is a rightfully recognised dancefloor legend. A regular on Rinse FM, BBC Asian Network and NTS, her long-awaited release of club edits is also out later this year. Pakistan zindabad.


Stasya is a rising Lisbon-based DJ and producer, whose first EP Aspas (released on Alp Records) is a dazzling composition of speech, sonic snaps and self-actualisation. Expect their DJ set to span mad noise and future club, building a shaky but compelling bridge between harsh rhythm and emotionality.


Herlander is an outlandish singer-songwriter with “multiple identities” – imagine a frantically voguing hybrid of Ian Curtis and Drake, and you’re close. His songs dive into betrayal, possessiveness, a fear of growing up and other touchy subjects. He presents his new album especially for BRAVE with producer Bruno Gonçalves of Troublemaker records.


21-year-old Lilmara is a local producer and sound engineer who began his musical career in 2014 with trap-style productions. Now invested in more melodic diversity and alternative rap styles, this young upstart will present a selection from his brilliant new self-produced six-track EP “Lua” for the first time at BRAVE. One to watch.


After seeing Deadflyingthings – Evandera Quintas – smash her first ever live show at the Stay Broke block party, we knew we had to book her. At just 22, the RnB/bedroom-pop singer evokes the likes of artists such as SZA, King Krule, and Ella Mai through a surprisingly rare and accomplished voice.


Heat is Fabz’s musical weapon of choice. With a fixation on the warmer side of the musical spectrum, his DJ sets fuse kuduro, funk, dancehall, afro house, soul, and much more. It’s only right that this well-loved luso-Angolan selector and Park resident will open BRAVE, setting up just the right mood.

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