— w/ Doraemon, Jackie, Odete b2b Jejuno, Chima Hiro, Mo Probs

Galeria Zé dos Bois

Mo Probs
Chima Hiro
Mo Probs

BRAVE is a new night at ZDB that showcases artists who aren’t afraid of borders, because they already live there. We want to share banging sound and music practice with an audience willing to leave status and assumptions at the door. We want you to hurt the day after. In an age of fear, it’s time to get brave.

Programmed by Syma Tariq in collaboration with ZDB.

DJ Doraemon

Doraemon is the least obvious star in the beaten universe, however, this young man from Miratejo set fire to dance floors like his contemporaries across the river. His extreme musical patterns keep the candle on until the end: body kizomba, lazy tarraxo or kuduro, with drum punches and characteristic vocal breaks. He launched last year the EP The Change with the label of the Polish publishing house Basy Tropikalne and since then has performed all over the city in spaces such as CP, Fontoria, Zoom and Desterro.


A genuine selector and perfect dj, Jackie is against the dogmatic barriers of most of the clubs’ cultural contexts – the extravagant and regular party she co-founded in Porto, Thug Unicorn, was an attempt to correct some of them. Her greatest characteristic as a DJ is the unexpected connections, and the details she finds and elevates between different genres: hip hop, Chicago house, high-energy record, synthwave, future pop, emotional breakbeat… we expect nothing less than the unexpected in every detail.

Jejuno b2b Odete

Jejuno is an electronics composer, photographer and regular figure at ZDB. Her sonic sculptures are completely absorbent – they involve syntheses of keyboards, punctuated loops and FX manipulation – evoking the depths of a contradictory and overwhelming spirit, an interiority open to all. Odete is an “angry bitch who tries to deal with the breakdown of previously held knowledge about love and the body”. Her sets carry ferocious rhythms, textures and ideas, she has recently begun to explore the experimental nightcore as a producer. Two unique artists, an astral union.

Chuma Hiro

First of all, Chen aka Chima Hiro is a music fan. The tracks she chooses embrace a spectrum as expansive and surprising as her unassailable taste – it’s music that goes from new age to jazz, through distorted beats on acid lines as much as through melodious and uplifting house. His DJing path goes hand in hand with his radio show on Radio Quantica, Nyce & Slo, and has led Chima Hiro to dominate the booths of some of the most exciting parties in our underground.

Mo Probs

Assiduous presence at the Ohm club in Berlin and with links to PAN Records, Berlin Community Radio and NTS. Mo Probs led the Source Material night in the same city and blessed Berghain with his presence and sets. The sound artist and DJ will bring us tonight a set of shaabi acid and “cunty” club.

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