Capital Decay c/ DJ Overdose (live) ⟡ Patrícia Brito ⟡ Neurodancer

Galeria Zé dos Bois

Capital Decay ©Rui da Paz
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Patrícia Brito

Capital Decay

DJ Overdose

For those who know, DJ Overdose is one of the pillars of the Dutch electro scene. He is a low key yet vital artist who hails from The Hague but is based in Rotterdam, and his unique take on electro oozes the atmospheres of these famous musical cities. Ever since starting out in the eighties, he has been looking to cook up a sense of fun, “where the subs are devastating and the beats are raw”. He underpins his work with booming Miami bass and tends not to look outwards across the contemporary landscape, instead he continues to draw on his love of 80s hip hop for inspiration, then skews it through his own lens.

In the studio, Overdose is a master technician on a range of hardware. By now, he speaks his own language through these machines, whether working solo, or in previous collaborations with the likes of Alden Tyrell or Mr. Pauli. As well as under his own name, he works under aliases like Dream Disco, HAEX-HRLL, Extranova and Model Man, but never puts out music for the sake of it. Instead, he has a small but perfectly formed discography that includes mutant electro funk and ghetto disco albums, as well as EPs that touch on sci-fi tinged soundtracks and more dark and fatalistic adventures. They come on cult labels likes Viewlexx, Pinkman, L.I.E.S., Unknown to the Unknown, Creme Organization and his own RotterHague. It is a label that brings him together with artists from around the world for a series of EPs called ‘Where Cities Collide,’ where sonic similarities and stylistic differences are explored and embraced.

Patrícia Brito

Patrícia Brito has been sharing music in various circuits and formats, from home recordings and listening sessions in informal places to clubs and festivals, with influences wandering through the wide spectrum of ambient and exploratory sounds, as well as more underground and full-bodied electronics.

In addition to music, Patrícia Brito runs the textile project @ _t.i.l.o with a unique language and, in addition to original creations, has collaborated with Lovers & Lollypops, Mera, Torto.


Neurodancer is deeply passionate about discovering and sharing new music. The Lisbon-based DJ recently co-founded Capital Decay, a collective that has showcased local talent through records, parties, and radio shows.

For the dancefloor, Neurodancer has a taste for physical and robotical sounds – without setting aside the voices and melodies that remind us that humans are (still) in charge –, having recently shown that in various Lisbon clubs, as well as mix series such as Flagelante and Dark Science Electro.

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