CAVE ⟡ Maria Reis

Galeria Zé dos Bois

Maria Reis ©Sara Graça


Unlimited sonic exploration – the expansive and infinite krautrock is CAVE’s scene. They were born in Columbia, Missouri in 2006, but settled in the city of Chicago. In this decade and a half, CAVE broke through the rigid barriers of jazz fusion, pulled pragmatic kraut against electronic euphoria and showed us that Miles Davis could have been in a jam with Can; but CAVE are a space jam band that is composed through fascinating overlaps of textures. CAVE reveal themselves as a unique quintet in the current context. It’s not monotonous psychedelism or crazy rock, it’s five musicians with assertive movements, explosive guitars to shake the night, free bodies and dance without end.

Maria Reis

For a long time Maria has been the girl of the little sogns, she’s the founder of the label Cafetra and we have seen her grow into the irreverence of the band Pega Monstro. In 2017, Maria arrived solo with an EP with five beautiful tracks. In between, she created a new trio with Miguel Abras and Gabriel Ferrandini, the Santo Ofício. Now, she prepares her first album, but before that, she stops at one of her ‘first houses’ – ZDB, of course.

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