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— Release of Cave Story's 'Punk Academics'

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Cave Story

It is in the heart of the Western region that the Cave Story emerge, a Caldonian trio – later promoted to quartet – that in 2016 arrived on national radios through the hand of the first LP “West”. Embraced by the guitars of the present, but with their ears on the punk of the past, they now publish “Punk Academics”, a dissertation absorbed by the DIY scene that cuts across the most extreme styles, but which is both suburban and jovial and it’s in this nostalgia for the anarchist songs of old that they travel. From the absolute anarchy of the Black Flag, to the afternoons surrounded by gray concrete on top of a skateboard with friends, moving through stretches of unavoidable rebellion, of exacerbated freedom, sweating from classic punk, however, without losing track of the progressive nuances and indie inclusions of the past. From the track “Punk Rock Academy” by Atom & His Package comes the new “Punk Academics”, and it’s here that Cave Story renews their vows of rock liberation, a new stage of rude guitars in unbridled cataracts.

As Cave Story returns to ZDB, “Punk Academics” is the manual to study and the lesson will culminate in their release party. Let’s celebrate!

Julius Gabriel

The German saxophonist settled in Porto where he collaborated with Gonçalo Almeida and Gustavo Costa under the name of Ikizukuri, but also with João Filipe Pais, drummer for HHY & The Macumbas. However, Julius Gabriel is still connected to the other side of Europe through projects that are persisting, such as the orchestra The Dorf. Earlier this year, he released his first solo album, “Dream Dream Dream Beam Beam” edited by Lovers & Lollypops. Julius Gabriel is not only a jazz experimentalist, it is a world of encounters that passes through the Afro influence, similar to the sphere of Sun Ra, but also of Germanic kraut or even more hazy and dark landscapes close to the universe HHY & The Macumbas.

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