Chris Corsano / Florian Stoffner / John Butcher ⟡ Karoline Leblanc & Paulo J Ferreira Lopes

Galeria Zé dos Bois

Chris Corsano / Florian Stoffner / John Butcher

Chris Corsano / Florian Stoffner / John Butcher

As journalist and music critic Brian Morton made clear in his liner notes for the album ‘Braids’, released last year by Now-ezz-thetics from the mythical Hat Hut, here are “three men who have, if you will, won the argument already”. Three well-recognised figures on the jazz and improvisation scene, and perhaps not so curiously, with more or less permanent links to musicians in this country, who meet here to create music full of freedom that never lets itself be taken in by the fuss or the soloist apparatus to make itself heard. Organic communication with as much surrender as silence, coming from people who listen well and deliver each note and movement with absolute valour and mutual respect. Intuition and knowledge that make themselves known without fuss, between moments of greater expansiveness and a restraint close to lower-case improvisation that never sins by its absence. Everything in its place.

Corsano’s infinitely resourceful drums, whose recurring presence here has been a blessing, whether through his close connection to Rodrigo Amado or in other configurations, create a whole tapestry of cymbals and unusual textures on the skins that mesh with the harmonics, extended techniques and elusive melodies of the guitar of the Swiss Florian Stoffner, a musician with links to Creative Sources and a regular collaborator of Paul Lovens. At the other end of the spectrum, Britain’s John Butcher – a key figure in jazz and European improvisation – spreads a whole host of techniques and actions on both tenor and soprano saxophone, capable of ranging from melodic notes full of lyricism to moments of absolute abstraction in a single breath. BS

Karoline Leblanc & Paulo J Ferreira Lopes

For more than 15 years, pianist Karoline Leblanc and drummer Paulo J Ferreira Lopes have been two notable underachievers in Montreal’s improvised music scene. Dedicated essentially to the practice of music derived from “free jazz” currents, in 2011 they conceived a modular orchestra, the “Total Improvisation Troop” and in 2013 they inaugurated their own independent label “atrito-afeito”. Over the years, as a duo, they have collaborated with Portuguese musicians and, finding in Portugal the inspiration to continue their projects, in 2023 they decided to live here.

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