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Christoph de Babalon

Christoph De Babalon

Christoph de Babalon is a German electronic producer, experimental artist and DJ, best known for his work on Alec Empire’s label Digital Hardcore Recordings, especially If You’re Into It, I’m Out of It (1997). He also is the co-founder of the label Cross Fade Enter Tainment (CFET). The timing couldn’t be better to reissue Christoph De Babalon’s brooding, groundbreaking album If You’re Into It, I’m Out of It. Ambient music is enjoying a widespread boom, dark drum ‘n’ bass has come back into vogue, and De Babalon’s record remains one of the few to successfully combine both styles. More than that, the German musician’s apocalyptic album is the perfect tonic for a moment in which the symbolic Doomsday Clock has literally ticked closer to midnight. The patron saint of gloom Thom Yorke has called it “the most menacing record I own.”


The posture of Enkō as a dj is defined by the exploration of cerebral ambiences and physical rhythms of electronic music. Identifying and using techno as a backdrop and using unexpected manipulation of space and energy through textures and repetition.

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