Pedro Melo Alves & Ignaz Schick

— Conundrum cycle

Galeria Zé dos Bois

Ignaz Schick
© Beatriz Pequeno

A name we have been meeting more and more often in the flow of the movements that matter most in the interstices of jazz, improvisation, composition, looser rock and unheard proposals, Pedro Melo Alves joins ZDB to breathe new life into his cycle Conundrum started in 2018, continued in 2019 and since then on hiatus. In these two years, and in countercurrent with the pandemic dormancy and speculative tension, Melo Alves has picked up the trail and has devised new forms and languages that had a particularly striking moment with the performance of his magnanimous Omniae Large Ensemble. Moving forward through 2022, Melo Alves returns to this personal mystery that is Conundrum, a wild proposal that puts the drummer in duo with someone he admires and with whom he has never performed before, in a total of six encounters. The new cycle happened in July with Sara Serpa, in September it will happen with Ignaz Schick, and in November with Audrey Chen. Without any previous plan or strategy, the silence is broken with music born organically and open to countless possibilities, glimpsing the infinite.

Ignaz Schick

After the celebrated communion with Sara Serpa, Pedro Melo Aves takes his Conundrum in an unexpected direction with this invitation to Ignaz Schick. Composer, improviser, sound and visual artist with a very active epicenter in Berlin, Schick has been shaking up the city’s scene since 1995, outside the clubbing movida, in a journey that from his own music expands to curating, promoting and disseminating in various fronts of experimentation and creation. As a musician, he uses a wealth of tools, including turntables, samplers, effects processors, mundane objects, and various forms of amplification to move, without any kind of arrivism, between the interstices of adventurous music, from noise to reductionism, from jazz to electroacoustics. Between the adaptability to the context and the exhortation to escape from it, Schick finds ways to the continuous mutability of those same schools and lineages, in a listening and reacting attitude that led him to collaborate with people as illustrious as Don Cherry, Toshimaru Nakamura, Keith Rowe, Chris Abrahams or Andrea Parkins. Well-dignified and again enriched and enriching journey, in an encounter that may well see him going in for discharges of abstract noise, meta-percussions, alienating shards of quotidian and electronics of the void. Or not. All in the open. BS

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