Performing Arts

Cobertos Pelo Céu

— by Gustavo Ciríaco

01.03 — 20.03.21

‘Cobertos Pelo Céu’ is a transdisciplinary choreographic project focused on the relationship between landscape and art with a view to creating a collection of installations conceived by choreographer Gustavo Ciríaco in collaboration with artists from Portugal, Brazil, Argentina and Chile. The project takes as a challenge to invent ways to translate and re-install landscape experiences through installation and performance devices. The project thus takes as a challenge the possibility of providing the general public with a privileged view of the fabrication of space by singular artists from different fields of art, from music to photography, from dance to visual arts.
Conceived for indoor (halls, galleries) or outdoor (patios, parks or gardens) public space, the set of sound, sculptural, performative and/or visual installations invite the visitor to sensorially re-experience landscapes lived by artists.
The project will visit the experiences of the Portuguese artists Jonathan Uliel Saldanha (Music), Miguel Palma (Visual Arts), Cláudia Dias (Dance), João Gabriel Oliveira (Painting), the Brazilian artists Luciana Lara (Dance), Michele Moura (Dance), João Saldanha (Dance), the Argentinean Ana Laura Lozza and Barbara Hang (Dance), the Chilean Javiera Péon-Veiga (Dance and Performance). By diving into the works and dialogues with European and Latin American artists the desire is to make visible and experiential the dynamic process through which their particular ephemeral architectures are created and to help rethink the unnameable that they convoke. These artists, despite acting so differently from one another, in various fields of art, have a feature that unites them: the notion of territory, its poetic transformation towards a universe of their own.

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