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Croatian Amor

In 2019 Croatian Amor returns with a new album, ‘Isa’. Copenhagen’s Loke Rahbek works in a wide variety of forms. His prolific rate of activity is best viewed through his and Christian Stadgaard’s Posh Isolation label. Of Rahbek’s many projects, his most eloquent and gentle is Croatian Amor. 2017’s single ‘Finding People’ bloomed from Croatian Amor’s previous album, the widely acclaimed ‘Love Means Taking Action’. These melancholic transmissions presented a kind of alien pop. For ‘Isa’, he has drawn on an impressive list of guests to realise a nauseating narrative of virtual communication and eschatological programming.

Raw Forest

Raw Forest is Margarida Magalhães who creates multidimensional gates of sounds and images. It brings the perfect communion between cybernetic sounds and ascending melodies towards a promised land that belongs to everyone.

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