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©Simão Simões
Amuleto Apotropaico ©Francisco Fidalgo
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Amuleto Apotropaico

A duo from Santa Maria da Feira, active since 2022, formed by Francisco Pedro Oliveira (electric guitar, electronics and objects) and António Feiteira (percussion and objects), both with backgrounds in the ambient, improvised, noise and punk music scenes of Porto and the surrounding area. They materialise music that moves through bucolic-industrial landscapes, demarcated by an almost folkloric primitivism on the one hand and a noisy, fast and dense ferocity on the other, like a patient vine climbing up an electric pole on the side of a busy road.


A quartet formed in Lisbon, despite the varied origins of the members. Dense, dirty, creeping music, with a very varied palette of references that touches on screamo, crust, doom, and slowcore, without ever ceasing to sound stylistically cohesive and unique. They present themes that develop organically, with a consistent, slow but always urgent movement, themes that are organised but unpredictable, often without a tangible form behind the walls of sound created by the abrasive, gloomy guitars and vocals. A light bulb at the end of a tunnel.


Based in Montijo, a liminal city on the south bank of Tejo river, they offer us metallic hardcore with industrial cadences, touches of a certain desperation that remind us of the permanent coexistence with the smell of factories or the texture of unpainted concrete. Amid the mist and blackness that surrounds them, the violence and intensity of the music on the EP of the same name, 2022, is palpable. During 2023, they had the opportunity to take a few steps abroad, making their debut in Spain and the UK, and they show no signs of stopping.


A quartet from the Porto area, they have been playing violent, fast, kinetic music since 2017, in which every silence is like swallowing dry moments before a collision with something approaching with incomprehensible size and speed. They offer us unconventional hardcore, which regularly approaches the more chaotic and noisy universes of late 90s screamo, powerviolence and grindcore. This carefree dance across the fine boundaries between solid grooves and abrasive, shapeless, emotional haze results in music that exists in a permanent state of crumbling and rebuilding. Music from the street, from the heart and from plaster.

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