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CS + Kreme
Turner Williams Jr.
Tim Gick

CS + Kreme

A meeting of minds aligned. The story of CS + Kreme began a few years ago, with Conrad Standish and Sam Karmel still entangled in other projects and other lives. The initial idea to jam together paved the way for a common entity that then seemed destined to emerge and expand. The first releases on magnetic tape and maxi vinyl soon unveiled the best expectations with the duo appearing in unmissable sessions at NTS. The sensorial implosion they achieve with half-lit semi-songs is real; an effect that did not leave indifferent the prestigious The Trilogy Tapes that welcomed a remarkable debut album in 2020 (and surely one of the best of that year).

Snoopy is a deeply complex and fascinating musical compendium, full of small miracles. They defy reality, exploring their perceptions through sound pieces parcelled out and distilled to detail. A classic example of a work that develops exponential personal meaning, listen after listen. After all, there always seems to be an element to be discovered or revealed, in a quasi-ritualistic flow between downtempo electronica, the ascents of free jazz, the shoegaze blanket, or the simmering fire of abstract post-punk. The elegance and raw emotional density with which these songs are elaborated makes them masters of an absolute alchemy perhaps only shared with other contemporaries like Dean Blunt, Jay Glass Dubs or Excepter.

The materialization of these ideas on stage will be a genuine experience. A guaranteed moment of subsonic, balmy and vigorous submersion of one of the most essential duos in recent years. NA

Turner Williams Jr & Tim Gick

Promising figures in the current improvisational spectrum, Turner Williams Jr & Tim Gick open for CS + Kreme in a rare appearance. Turner has been working wonderful raggas and primitive blues with his modified zither called shahai baaja. Magical string resonance in crystal clear trance and in a very different register from what he was known for as a member of Guardian Alien. As for Gick, he is an agitator by nature; currently a member of Crazy Doberman, his panoply of wind instruments has been at the mercy of some of the most endearing musical explorations of these times. Together they create this common space where chaos and harmony communicate and challenge each other. NA

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