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Galeria Zé dos Bois

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DJ Assault

Practically a living legend of Detroit music, DJ Assault takes on ZDB’s Aquário with a strong imprint on the foundations of ghettotech or booty music. On the more festive and direct side of the city’s electronic legacy and genre of which he is a pioneer, alongside names like DJ Funk or DJ Godfather, he takes the rawest side of ghetto house and electro mechanics and gathers from there the kinetic energy for a fast-paced 4/4, in your face and in constant transitions – history on the cymbals by the most celebratory and condensed way, without much conjecture or conceptualization, from the origins inspired by the fast passages of “Wizard” Mills with records by 2 Live Crew, UR, Ectomorph or Miami Bass with pitch raised to the maximum to the own production of this boss, and others, in his legendary Electrofunk. Glorification/objectification on the booty track and other almost pornographic matter, through shout outs repeated as mantra with advisory parental seal. Pass the latent misogyny we may hear here, even when the late K-HAND (D.E.P.) stated “When I was playing the [Club Zippers] residency every week, it was majority women in the club, dancing. Women really enjoyed that [raunchy] style of music a lot” there is an undeniable appeal in classics like ‘Ass N Tittes’ or ‘Gel N Weave’ and in the electrifying flow of the various volumes of Straight Up Detroit Shit to make it all worth a lot. BS


Co-founder of the Lisbon-based label Capital Decay, Neurodancer is someone for whom digging and sharing music are an obsession, and who sees DJing as its logical extension. For the dancefloor, he has a taste for physical and robotical sounds — “body music” and “machine funk” are a couple of his favorite expressions —, without setting aside the voices and melodies that remind us that humans are (still) in charge.

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