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Downtown Boys

Downtwon Boys

“Downtown Boys are here to topple the white-cis-het hegemony and draft a new history. Downtown Boys began by combining revolutionary ideals with boundless energy and contagious, inclusive fun, and their resolve has only strengthened as their sound and audience have grown. Downtown Boys are keenly aware of the increased visibility and credibility that comes with signing to a corporate-media conglomerate such as Sub Pop. They’re using this platform as a megaphone for their protest music, amplifying and centering Chicana, queer, and Latino voices in the far-too-whitewashed world of rock.”


But before, but before, the place of this fire will have as protagonist Rodrigo Vaiapraia, also known as Vaiapraia. Without Rainhas do Baile, this punk crooner from Setúbal, who sublimated fears, fragility and drawings in Amor Duro (2018), takes the floor with sensual insurrection, telling stories and memories, talking about fears and aspirations. With a new band, giving body and voice, from the shadow to the lights of the stage, from promises of queerpunk to the courage of Portuguese music sung in songs like “Perfeito” or “Morre Se Queres Morrer” or “Amor Duro”. There’s a (new) boy in town.

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