Eartheater ⟡ Simão Simões

Galeria Zé dos Bois

Simão Simões


Alexandra Drewchin is a faithful portrait of what should be understood by marginal art. A vision, conviction and honesty that make it possible to conceive the inconceivable, always with poison and antidote, side by side. A slow combustion of complex emotions and diverse sound inheritances creating autobiographical pieces between the celestial and the Dantean. This sphinxic nature of his music while Eartheater is able to disorientate and move away, in the same proportion that he invites and stimulates. Besides, Alex’s physical presence is immediately a body in mutation, as if it were a performance.

Her return surprised us once again. There will certainly be various prisms about these compositions – and most of them trying to understand this notion of dysfunctional pop created by Alex. Raw matter, the sense of nomadic belonging and a challenging look (artistic, and therefore social, political and personal) at reality. Working intentionally under the potentialities of a climate of tension, balancing herself between the clouds and the fire. IRISIRI explores, with overwhelming legitimacy, the limits of the song, the concept of silence and the dangers of expectation. It is under an intense environmental mantle fed by rhythms cut to pieces by rap or adulterated house beats, that the one that should be a fundamental work of this year is born. This ZDB debut brings a perfect opportunity to listen and observe how this magnificent and strange world
of Eartheater performs on stage.

Simão Simões

Simão Simões is already becoming a prominent name in the artistic vanguard of Lisbon. His unmistakable trait is evident in every medium he navigates: illustration, comics and music. In this fertile terrain, his work stands out for the candour he gives to the themes he approaches, on a plane that crosses deconstruction and harmony. At the frontier of the material self, product of its physical space and the projected, idealized self, with its most diverse manifestations in a virtual world, Simão Simões makes use of the sincerity with which he expresses himself, offering us a genuine sentimentality at the intersection of these two universes. Simão Simões is the safe place where we can be and be, with understanding and vision, adequate to today’s themes and perceptions. Each concert and especially your strel record are a step forward in experimental music, which exists not only to test the day but, as all true artists do, to offer a new look at the reality of their listeners – tender and contemporary.

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