— a seminar by Giovanbattista Tusa

Galeria Zé dos Bois

Dates: March 19th, April 2nd and 23rd, May 7th and 21st, June 4th 2024 (6.30pm)

The research seminar ECOPRAXIS aims to integrate people from different backgrounds into a research environment that offers them the opportunity to develop critical thinking and experimental praxis.

By outlining recent developments in critical theory, contemporary arts, cinema, ECOPRAXIS connects these areas of research to political ecology, postcolonial and indigenous studies, seeking to identify alternatives for the production of knowledge in the present. The innovative component of the course lies in the fact that it is a laboratory rather than a conventional course: participants will be asked to reflect on, elaborate, create, and present their work and hypotheses about our times.

Building on the experience of Planetary Conversations (2021) and X-Centric Futures (2022-2023), Giovanbattista Tusa proposes that ECOPRAXIS sessions should be partly seminar-based – in the sense that we try to disseminate something in fertile soil to make it grow – and partly lab-based. A kind of accidental incubator for divergent directions, improvised paths and practices that do not always lead to a final product. So the attempt is made to communicate what one does not have, a common that belongs to no one and therefore cannot be included in any property.

The first session of ECOPRAXIS, entitled “Against the Whole Planet”, will take place on Tuesday, March 19 and is open to everyone. Registration is required after this opening session, as ECOPRAXIS requires a level of interaction that is only possible in a constituent group.

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