Efrim Manuel Menuck

Galeria Zé dos Bois

Having started with the Godspeed You! Black Emperor as a dark orchestra that until today tends to persist in our collective memory, Efrim Manuel Menuck is not only a disconcerting composer, but he has sedimented a branched path between dark shades, hazy landscapes and experimental orchestrations. In between, the Canadian musician was involved in another famous journey: A Silver Mt. Zion. An artistic personality not only marked by bold instrumentalism, but also based on critical thinking, on social and human problems. This dedication has lasted for two decades, with thousands of kilometres on the road, between concerts, studios, Toronto – where he grew up – and Montreal – where he was born and settled to found Constellation Records and Hotel2Tango studio.

In 2018, he presents Pissing Stars, his second solo album, and his guitar reconnects to the taciturn loops, the social and political claim. Pissing Stars “searches for love in the middle of a hellscape”, writes Pitchfork, is Menuck’s manifesto or as if the stillness penetrated the apocalyptic turbulence, for the first time the solo in Portugal.

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