Elias Bender Rønnenfelt


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In our memory are the sweaty concerts of Iceage, the band that propelled Elias Bender Rønnenfelt as one of the leading names in contemporary European music. Despite being the leader and vocalist of the Danish band, Elias Rønnenfelt is above all a multifaceted artist, who seeks to link songwriting to artistic unpredictability. In this sense, we will certainly be reminded of his collaboration with Gabriel Ferrandini in Madeira, as well as the parallel project he presents as Marching Church.

In 2019, ZDB was the stopping point for Iceage’s last concert in Lisbon. In the retina remained the frenetic performance and the energy of the Scandinavian group’s rejuvenated punk. In the center, Elias Rønnenfelt emerged as the master figure of that group of boys who played guitars and made the Bairro Alto block tremble. On this return to Lisbon, he presents himself solo for a singular and ceremonious concert, in what is a unique opportunity to hear some of the songs that make up Seek Shelter, the band’s fifth album, recorded in 2019 at Lisbon studio Namouche, and released this year by the label Mexican Summer.
At St George’s Church, the punk irreverence is left aside to make way for Elias’ artistic versatility. A rare moment of contemplation, where improvisation will give body to the refined bohemian poetry of the Dane. JH

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