Elvin Brandhi & Nadah El Shazly ‘Pollution Opera’

Galeria Zé dos Bois

Elvin Brandhi
Nadah El Shazly ©Malak El Sawi

The reimagining of traditional symbols always brings an incessant dialogue between time and form. More than a simple rescue attempt, there is a feeling of applying a certain vision and even personal belonging, like a signature. Nadah El Shazly has in the last years been leaving that signature on records, collaborations, soundtracks and other audio-visual pieces. She reimagines Cairo, in this now, like no other. Taking the musical heritage of the metropolis to a complex sonic treatment between machines, instruments and a meandering voice, he offers us authentic hybrid artefacts.

In her work gravitate traces left by the electronic wizard Halim El-Dabh or synchronicities with contemporaries like YUNIS, however, the emotional delivery (spiritual, maybe?) sets her apart from the others. Ahwar was the album that detonated the conventional postcard and brought with it new and fascinating images. The artist’s background linked to the local punk circuit, allowed her to extract a lot with little, while calling other musicians in similar tune. Jazz soul or free expressionism, Nadah creates so simply sub-worlds and exo-planets whose natures can hardly be confronted without curiosity.

In another quadrant, but in perfect harmony, British Elvin Brandhi has been a genuine seism of sound frequencies. Alongside her father she formed Yeah You, a visceral proposal of some of the most unusual industrial electronica of multiple fusions and mutations. This was followed by projects with Daniel Blumberg or CANVAS, always pertinent and aiming at the possible surrealism. As a solo artist, Brandhi continues to break through the barriers of noise, techno and other inhospitable – and favourable – terrains for free improvisation. Purging and healing go hand in hand in the magnetic fields that the Gaulish artist creates. Esoteric, futuristic environments, in an infusion of rhythms, samples and raw sound in vortex form.

After the individual presentation of each artist, both return to the stage for a rare and surprising collaboration. Meeting of giants in a probably unrepeatable moment. NA

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