Performing Arts

Em Forma de Árvore

— Sara Anjo

11.05 — 14.05.16
NEGÓCIO Rua de O’Século 9, porta 5, Lisboa

Residence: April 25 to May 10, 2016
Presentations: May 11th to 14th, Wednesday to Saturday at 9:30 pm

I woke up standing up and let myself stand, feeling life still.

In the dream, I walked backward when I felt wings growing on my back. They were branches that burst from the spinal cord. When walking backward, the future was behind, the past in front of the body, broad and visible, the present more trunk, more tree.

At a certain point, as if a storm was coming, the branches started to shake, letting the body breathe heavily. It was as if the branches wanted to undress this body in order to make it pulse in its own matter. The shaking turned into heels and then those wing-branches defied the weight. With each jump, the greater the suspension, the greater the lightness and thus, the body imploded to celebrate the new meaning it had found.

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