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Equiknoxx ft. Shanique Marie

Gavin “Gavsborg” Blair and Jordan “Time Cow” Chung, two Jamaicans from scratch who lived side by side with the local culture and heritage. The two producers are now one of the island’s creative epicenters. The common identity Equiknoxx was born from both, although it is an ongoing result of collective work with other artists. This idea of community is not only important for the flow of ideas and sounds without limits of the band, but also preserves a sense of street presence, intrinsic to soundsystems and social coexistence. As a generation awakened and tuned in the global spectrum, the duo is in the development of something that we could refer to as digital dancehall.

The nature of these (de)compositions is governed by rhythmic incidents and meta-melodies arranged in a stimulating puzzle. Listening to this album means listening to it as a whole, absorbing its sonic escapes and also finding an organic soul between laptop experimentation. In this line, the collaborator, studio and stage, Shanique Marie is the voice that emanates as a color on the instrumental screen of Equiknoxx. They will hardly become a band of songs, but there is a terrain if you wish.

That said, it is with great happiness that they make their debut in the ZDB’s Aquário, offering music truly worthy of this 21st century.

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