Performing Arts

Este Paradigma está Podre

— de Adelino Tavares

Galeria Zé dos Bois

Este Paradigma está Podre [“This Paradigm is Rotten”] is the presentation of the final work/performance of the Open Workshop that took place between May and June at ZDB, and a first approach to the next show (Objecto Cénico) by Adelino Tavares (Orquestra Dramática Bife). The basic theme is the individual himself, the political or (a)political individual, his relationship with contemporary society, with institutions, and with a whole system that has probably expired. All this explored in an aesthetic of the absurd and in a format that crosses the concepts of Happening – Installation and Performance.

by Adelino Tavares

Adelino Tavares has conceived and directed several scenic objects such as “O Discurso da cenoura” (1990), La Cromagnona + 1 peça para um colchão” (1990/91), “A Lei dos 3 tomates”“A Peça mais rápida do mundo ou onde é que estão os meus 400 paus”“O meu Carro é + dramático que o teu (I,II,III), “Um dia levanto-me e mato todos os gajos que não pensam”,  “Bif’s Remix #01” and others. He is preparing crew and material for a new show.

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