Visual Arts

Bright Morning Star

— Alexandre Estrela, António Poppe, Brian Butler, Jannis Varelas, Joachim Koester, John Bock, Jonathan Meese, Manuel Ocampo, Markus Selg, Tamar Guimarães and Kenneth Anger

04.05 — 22.06.09
Galeria Zé dos Bois

Alexandre Estrela
Alexandre Estrela
Alexandre Estrela
António Poppe
António Poppe
Joachim Koester
John Bock
Kenneth Anger
Markus Selg
Tamar Guimarães
Tamar Guimarães
Tamar Guimarães

International collective exhibition of visual arts presented at Galeria Zé dos Bois, bringing together, exceptionally, a group of artists who, in a broader approach to the experimental spectrum, manifest interpretive tangencies with the body of work of Kenneth Anger

Centered on the work of one of the most outstanding authors of the 20th century, the Kenneth Anger Cycle focuses on exploring its influence in the most diverse cultural spectra.

After an exhaustive retrospective of his cinematographic work, which we were able to see recently at the Cinemateca, highlighting the impact of his journey and in an intimate connection with hermetic imagery, the desire to find a connection with Anger’s work is now established with proposals from other artists. The works in Bright Morning Star are part of a vast set of ideas composed of various mythologies, manifesting a demiurgical vision, or revealing tangential proximity to the work of the Wizard-filmmaker.

The exhibition suggests an initial journey, putting in the foreground, the evidence of the ghosts of the human. We access mediumistic narratives, shamanic manifestations, symbolic constructions, hybrid figurations that underline the constant metaphysical feeling that man experiences in his tireless search for the absolute.

In the background, as any initiation journey requires, the external references initially available are abandoned, taking others guided by magic, the rite, and the hermetic tradition, aiming at dispossession, paving the way for introspection.

The exhibition Bright Star of the Morning makes that contact time its content, absorbing one of the nominations that Fernando Pessoa advances regarding the Hour of the Devil: “I am the bright star of the morning (…) corrupt but illuminate”.

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