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01.03 — 28.04.18
Galeria Zé dos Bois

Wednesday to Saturday
from 6pm to 10pm

Galeria Zé dos Bois presents, between March 1st and April 28th, an exhibition surveying the artistic practice of Oficina ARARA. Founded in 2010 in Porto, ARARA began as a group of authors gathered around a silkscreen printing machine with the intention of putting it to use in the production of images, posters, books or other artistic publications, either individually or collectively. Eight years and numerous actions later, ARARA has widened its media resources and its territory and transformed itself into a creative vortex – a whirlwind that has engulfed akin artistic stances, thereby enlarging and reinforcing a common creative universe to which have contributed authors such as João Alves, Bruno Borges, Joaquim dos Bichos, Ruca Bourbon, Miguel Carneiro, Daniela Duarte, Dayana Lucas, Pedro Nora, Luís Silva, Rui Silva or Von Calhau!.

This exhibition’s intention is, somehow, to provide a portrait of this creative universe and set the registry of its history. In fact, this exhibition stands like a trial proof: a provisional image of a project still in process. As with all trial proofs, it is also an opportunity to take hold of what has been done, to ponder on future options and measure their relevance. But perhaps, and above all, it’s the moment to ignite the energy that comes from unexpected encounters, from unpredictable conversations, and wholeheartedly celebrate that step into the void that is the experimental exercise of shared creativity.

Opening with:
Performance ⟡ Rádio Sonoplasmática
⟡ DJ Urânio + MC Sissi
⟡ Instituto Fonográfico Tropical (dj set)

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