Visual Arts


— by Pedro Amaral

11.05 — 29.07.07
Galeria Zé dos Bois

The exhibition FALL continues the previous work of relationally invoking images of great media circulation.
The intensification of the ideological aspects of the investigated iconographies constitutes a critical and ironic process through which it is intended to suggest that globalization is not a natural phenomenon, but a political phenomenon, with wide antecedents, in order to achieve precise objectives.
Formally in support of painting, concepts such as poverty and abundance, democracy and liberalism, rise and fall are explored.
The chronicle created is speculative but open, as opposed to the entropy of readings that the media and other powers are dropping.
– Pedro Amaral

Pedro Amaral

Born in 1960, in Lisbon. Lives and works in Sintra

Develops activity as an artist and curator, also integrating the artistic collective Sparring Partners. He also works with illustration, having participated, since the mid-eighties of the twentieth century, in various exhibitions dedicated to this genre.

He has been exhibiting regularly in the field of contemporary art since the mid-nineties. Painting is the support primarily chosen but also the video, the installation and the drawing. On the screens, extremely varied references are crossed, from comics, cinema and advertising to pop culture, passing through movements such as constructivism or disciplines such as architecture. All these heterogeneous elements intersect in a task that is twofold: a critical and admittedly political stance or a search for escape points in territories apparently already explored but from which it always reveals a new dimension.

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